Unnatural Disasters

Is the land truly beautiful? Does it stir feelings of appreciation and awe in us worthy of preservation? Or should its fate be determined based upon its commercial usefulness?

These questions are among those debated by contemporary policy-makers; too many, however, exude a distinct lack of concern for as well as the belief that the Earth remains unaffected despite our over-consumption of its resources. Unyielding to the planet’s implicit parameters, these individuals are collectively thwarting the efforts to sustain the longevity of the landscape in the name of higher profit, but ultimately, at the expense of all.

This body of work documents the acts of pollution as well as both natural and human-triggered degradation and aims to enhance public perception of the relevance of some of our most vital natural systems and their fragility. These photographs are akin to what I call "wounds of the land"; however, they are not the same as scars. Every story has the potential for an unexpected ending: no one is ever completely predictable. By bringing about this awareness in a general sense, my hope is that our story does not end in destruction, but rather with an outset of a great renewal.

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