Group Headshots

Group headshot photography services are ideal for multi-person, same-day sessions, such as for a corporation or organization seeking headshots for a group of employees. All headshots will have the same background and/or style in order to maintain consistency. Sessions can be either indoor or outdoor, with client's choice of background and/or location. Client will receive final high resolution, color-corrected images via a private online gallery for viewing, sharing, and downloading.

Package options:

3-6 people: $400

7-12 people: $675

11-18 people: $950

19-24 people: $1,225

25-30 people: $1,500

31-36 people: $1,775

37-42 people: $2,050

43-50 people: $2,325

Each subject will be allotted an average of 5 minutes for his or her portrait. Please be sure all subjects are aware and thoroughly prepared for their scheduled time.

*All prices include unlimited transportation within New Jersey. Other locations will require an additional $0.575/mile*

Print Pricing

Prints can be made at request on archival, fine art-quality papers. Paper finish is available in glossy, lustre, or matte. Please inquire about pricing and packages.

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