Constantly striving to uphold clarity and truth, I turn to photography to best represent my visions of the world. In the midst of the current troubles facing our environment – from shifting climates to declining resources and an overabundance of refuse resulting from a society built on the mantra of “use once and throw away” – the time has never been more critical to advocate for change. Through the camera, I am given the opportunity to record and share the state of our surroundings with utmost precision. Yet, there are times where I simply want to escape the hustle of reality and reconnect with nature.

By allowing myself the opportunity to slow down and stop seeking out elements that exist outside of nature, and instead become witness to fundamentals that exist within nature, I have obtained a better understanding of why it must be protected. The long, hand-held exposures taken by my camera portray images that seem to drift along the border of reality and dream – they are neither here nor there. The concept of “liminality,” where one occupies a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold, seems to resonate strongly with these feelings.

By conveying this intangible realm through impressionistic photographs of trees, leaves, rocks, water, and other fragments of the environment, it is my hope to relate their simple beauty to the fragility and transient behavior of the natural world, and awaken the sense of urgency that must be held onto dearly during such unpredictable times.

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