All Other Events

Other non-listed event photography services include corporate events, fundraisers, PR events, conferences, concerts and/or performances, award ceremonies, company-based and/or personal parties, Sweet Sixteens, etc. Sessions are dependent of each unique situation regarding setting, etc. Please provide venue details when making inquiries. Client will receive final, high resolution, color-corrected images via a private online gallery for viewing, sharing, and downloading.

Please note that these prices are formulated at a generalized rate – depending on the type, duration, and/or situation of a given event, they can be negotiable to best fit your needs.

Package Options:

1 hour: $200

2 hours: $350

4 hours: $600

6 hours: $875

8 hours: $1,150

Any additional time will require +$50/hour. For events with time frames not listed above, prices are negotiable depending on the client's needs.

*All prices include unlimited transportation within New Jersey. Other locations will require an additional $0.575/mile*

Print Pricing

Prints can be made at request on archival, fine art-quality papers. Paper finish is available in glossy, lustre, or matte. Please inquire about pricing and packages.

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