This is Returning, my most personal project to date, through which I will physically revisit places from my childhood past and artistically illustrate them as perceived by my present adult eyes. This work shall serve to blend two aspects of human emotion - remembrance and mourning - as a direct response to the sudden loss of my father eight years ago.

Reminiscent of and paying homage to E.B. White's "Once More to the Lake," my hope is to rekindle my memories and transform them into visual stories that inspire others to relate their own awareness to the maturation of the self - a cycle of memorialization that begins through the eyes of a child and evolves into nostalgia as an adult - a course in which all human nature is bound.

This initial set features a location from some of my earliest distinguishable memories with my father; it was once a popular fishing preserve nestled in the mountains of New York. Now, it lies abandoned and exists in an interlude between functioning and decaying - much akin to the struggle of balancing my hidden feelings of regret while maintaining normalcy each day following my father's death.

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